Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YouTubes of my presentation on Publishing and Self-Publishing

The Perils and Rewards 
Presentation to Friends of the 
Mobile Public Library
Jan. 27, 2011

For anyone interested in publishing a book or self-publishing one, I gave a talk at the annual 
meeting of the Friends of the Mobile Public Library last Thursday. 

I put together a new presentation about self-publishing my book (called, "The Governor of Goat
Hill: Don Siegelman, the Reporter Who Exposed His Crimes, and the Hoax that Suckered 
Some of the Top Names in Journalism.")

The ModMobilian web-site was kind enough to film it and it's on YouTube divided into two parts 
(see links below). 

As an aside, I started my diet immediately upon seeing the first frame.

I believe it was an informative and entertaining talk and hope you agree. I don't say much about 
Siegelman, though he came up in some of the Q&A that isn't shown here but may be added later.

To see the videos, you can go to YouTube and type my name (Eddie Curran) or go to the 
following links:

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