Friday, January 21, 2011

Sales Report for Governor of Goat Hill

   I'm frequently asked how many copies of "The Governor of Goat Hill" that I've sold. On Thursday, I'm giving a talk to the Friends of the Mobile Public Library, and have decided, as my topic, to discuss the travails of self-publishing. As part of my preparation for the talk, I finally tallied the sales.
      As of today, the number is 2,505.
      Of that, I've personally sold 1,072 copies.
      Another 700 have been sold by retail outlets that purchased the books from me.
      The publisher (self-publishing company, I-Universe) has reported 737 sales, current through the end of November. That includes books sold through Amazon.Com, and booksellers, such as Barnes & Nobles, who purchased the books from the publisher.
        A negligible additional few "e-book" versions have also been sold.

        In the coming week I will probably write about the oral arguments before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, or, in any event, what I can glean occurred from the two news reports, one in the Press-Register, and the other, and far more telling report, in the New York Times.
        Simply judging from the Times story, it would seem that the odds of Siegelman and Scrushy are considerably better now than before the hearing, at least on the majority of the charges against the pair. 
       Again..will have more on that later.

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