Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Thoughts


Starting with ... Cam Newton.

Yesterday, I speculated that, if Milton McGregor did have something to do with Cam Newton's decision to come to Auburn, that it was possible such conversations could have been caught on the wiretapped conversations captured by the FBI in the bingo and bribery probe involding McGregor.

This afternoon, AL.Com (the web-site of the Mobile, Birmingham and Huntsville papers) reported that sources familiar with the bingo probe have said none of those wiretapped conversations involve Cam Newton. That certainly is good news for Auburn and Cam Newton. Here's a link to that story:

Also, McGregor's lawyer, Joe Espy, gave a strong and to me convincing statement denying his client's involvment.

The Al.Com story doesn't say that there are no phone records showing McGregor in some fashion calling or receiving calls from someone involve din the Newton matter. However, given the strength of Espy's statement, the Al.Com story, and the identity of the lone media source on the story -- a Hollywood gossip site called TMZ -- the McGregor story should now be considered so close to being on life support as to be dead.

I will say, though, that it's possible the FBI could have asked someone about McGregor, not necessarily because they had evidence of it but because perhaps they'd heard a rumor and were simply covering all the bases. I will note that this is pure speculation on my part..i've done no original reporting, such as contacting anyone to fish around.

Changing subjects big time for a couple of predictions, comments:

I think Haley Barbour would be the strongest Republican candidate for president in 2012. I have to think the Democrats hope he's not the nominee. In the long run, Sarah Palin is a gift to the Democrats that will give as long as Robo-Palin keeps on grabbing the spotlight she's so addicted to.

On the Democratic side, Obama should dump Joe Biden (a clown) and replace him on the ticket with Hillary Clinton, as has been rumored. I guarantee Republicans would much prefer to have Biden remain on the ticket.

Nancy Pelosi is a selfish winch for fighing to remain the Democratic House Minority Leader. It was widely reported that Republicans candidates nationwide spent gazillions of dollars "running against Pelosi" than against Harry Reid or even Obama. She has a grating presence. Her decision to fight to remain in power shows she values herself more than she values the party she serves.


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