Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Introduction to EddBlog, CroakerTalk, or Something Else (Will be deciding on the name soon.)

Laziness combined with technical ignorance of how this works has prevented me from using the blog attachment to my web-site.

I think I've overcome some of those problems, so will start using this space on what I hope will be a daily basis. The look, for now, is plain as plain gets, but I hope to do something about that soon. Also, I can't leave it with the name, "Eddie Curran," which is why, as noted above, I'm considering a new name.

Some of the posts will consist of things I've written for my web-site, EddieCurran.Com; and which are related to my book, "The Governor of Goat Hill: Don Siegelman, the Reporter who Exposed his Crimes, and the Hoax that Suckered Some of the Top Names in Journalism."

It is among my hopes that readers of the blog will go to my web-site and consider buying my book. That, for now, is the financial incentive for EddBlog and/or CroakerTalk.

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