Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Say it ain't so, CBS: Pelley in line to replace Couric

Jill Simpson's interviewer reportedly
 next in line for the "Cronkite Seat"
And why that may not be such a good thing
Chapter in book on the 60 Minutes report is below

    Scott Pelley listens intently as Rainsville lawyer Jill Simpson expands on her previous tales. This time, the destitute, heretofore unknown Alabama lawyer claimed that she had, at Karl Rove's directions, secretly tailed Siegelman for months trying to get pictures of him nekkid with a person other than Mrs. Siegelman.  It is all so preposterous -- Simpson, her stories, and especially that  the likes of "60 Minutes," Time and the New York Times  took her seriously -- that ridicule at the powers that be is perhaps the best response.

        In recent days its' been reported that A) Katie Couric is soon to be leaving the anchor's position at CBS Evening News and that "60 Minutes" correspondent Scott Pelley is to replace her. Pelley, according to this New York Times story, is the favorite of new CBS News chairman Jeff Fager.
     In honor of this impending changing of the guard, I'm willing to, non-profit-like, provide a free chapter from, "The Governor of Goat Hill." The chapter -- boldly titled, "'60 Minutes Kicks Rove's Ass" -- raises what I certainly felt were serious issues regarding Pelley's performance during a February 2008 "60 Minutes" piece that essentially concluded that that Karl Rove ordered the prosecution of Don Siegelman, and much else as well. Fager, as head of "60 Minutes," at the time, also gets play in the chapter.
       In addition, and also free of charge (when you self-publish, you can get away with murder), are short segments from elsewhere in the book and referring to Pelley's performance on the Siegelman-Jill Simpson-Karl Rove piece. In Pelley's defense, others -- the writing/producing/so-called investigative team -- would have done the legwork and fed the story to the talent. However, Pelley can't hide completely behind others -- it was his choice not to ask certain follow-up questions of Simpson or, if he lacked the competence to do so, to permit the producers to edit out her responses.
        If you wish to watch the piece, go to DonSiegelman.org. It's been front and center on the "Free Siegelman" web-site ever since it came out.
        The first two pages are from an earlier chapter called, "The Canary Canard." As with the rest of this, it obviously helps to have some background on the matter (such as to know about Scott Horton of Harper's), but I think it can be followed pretty well without. (Those seeking more background can search this blog or go to my web-site, EddieCurran.Com.)
       (Note: With the following pages, you can click them and make them larger for easier reading.)

The following is the chapter about the "60 Minutes" piece. 



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