Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Consider Giving a Signed Book for Christmas

  'Tis the Christmas season, and the giving one as well. May I suggest not just a signed book but one that is personalized (see photos). Also, I now have a hardback available for sale as well as a paperback.

        If you are at this site, you probably know that earlier this year I published a book about former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, my reporting on him, and other aspects of the case. It is, at heart, a journalism story -- my story, I suppose you could say, and I'm quite proud of it. 

       It's written in what I believe is a conversational style, even, I like to think, has some 
humor to it. 
           The book is long, as is the title which is: "The Governor of Goat Hill: Don Siegelman, the Reporter who Exposed his Crimes, and the Hoax that Suckered some of the Top Names in Journalism."

           I have a web-site, with details about the book, including pricing and means of purchasing (among them, PayPaleven, no joke, IOUs) Also, I now have a hardback as well as a paperback. The direct link to the pricing/purchasing information is:
      I've attached some pictures, one showing (in my not very good handwriting) an example of a personalized message I can put in the book. If you had a specific message, I could do that as well. Some may prefer a simple signature, as one of the other pictures shows.
           I can mail directly to recipients, should you wish, or, if they're in Mobile, deliver. If you wish to give one to yourself, I will not object. 

      I hope this finds you well, and looking forward to a great Christmas.

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